Honfi Imre Olivér

Horváth János

Szabó Tamás

After about a year of playing together informally, Mojo finally solidified and established in 2011 using the band name Mojo Workings. With members coming from very different musical backgrounds and taste, the result is a unique blend of pop, beat, country and traditional blues.
By utilizing harmony vocals and uncommon instruments such as didley-bow, cigar box, harmonetta, bass harmonica in many of their arrangements, the musicians push the limits of the band making their sound ever more multi-hued and vibrant. They take full advantage of the dynamic possibilities offered by a live musical performance to make each and every gig a unique experience with new original songs or interesting interpretations of covers.
They shortened their name to Mojo in 2018.

Released Mojo albums:
Mojo – 2020
Old Cinema Session – 2020 (Tim Lothar & The Mojo)
Just Another Button – 2016
Traveling Blues Nights – 2016 (Tim Lothar & Mojo Workings)
Long Step – 2015
Back In The Day – 2012




János Horváth: vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Imre Olivér Honfi: vocal, electric guitar, diddley-bow, cigar box
Tamás Szabó: vocal, harmonicas, harmonetta, bass harmonica
Csaba Pengő: bass guitar, upright bass
István Mezőfi “Fifi”: drums